One of the main reasons that comes out when you decide to visit Italy is to finally enjoy real Italian food, doing your best both to skip tourist traps and to step into the first place you find. Locals are really demanding when it’s time to choose restaurants or even a snack bar, being “eat […]

If you are looking for an unforgettable risotto in Rome will not have an easy life. Maybe not everyone knows that the Romans, like the Neapolitans, and in general the southerners, not very fond of rice, considered a food for the sick to eat in case of disturbances gastric and intestinal. In fact, even the […]

Did you know that in Rome we like to eat special food in special days? From a writer of the 1907 we know that this list was really popular already. Discover which recipes are most popular in Rome according to our Nonna’s teachings. 1st January: Lentils and grapes Carnival/Shrove Tueday: flat fried pastries and ravioli […]

Try to make a vegan tiramisu that do not involves eggs, mascarpone or animal ingredients for your ethical friends.   Ingredients for the cream: -400 Grams of velvety tofu -300 Ml vegetable cream -3 Tablespoons rum -Espresso coffee -dark cocoa or cinnamon For the biscuits: -350 Grams of flour -20 Grams of potato starch -80 […]

  Rome is crazy about coffee. For about one euro, you can get a teeny cup of pure ecstasy. It’s probably the easiest thing to do in Italy, but not so easy if you don’t know some tricks.   Gourmetaly gives you a panoramic shot of ways to order a coffee in Italy. It seems […]

Le Ciambelline di nonna! (Nonna’s ciambelline) This simple but tasty cookie is  typical of the Roman hills, where they are called “ubriachelle” (drunk). Ciambelline do not contain yeast and ingredients are only of plant origin, so no butter, milk and eggs. Despite this, the wine donuts maintain a nice crispness.       Ingredients: 200 milliliters […]

If you ask a Roman guy which are the first three traditional roman-style dishes, 99% will answer: – Bucatini Amatriciana (or Amatriciana) – Tonnarelli cheese and pepper – Spaghetti Carbonara   Origin of this famous and delicious recipe is unknown, the most accepted legend relative to spaghetti carbonara refers to the history of a Carbonaro […]

Did you know that Sicilian wines are faboulous? Sicily wine can be considered as a real continent. Just looking at the timing of the harvests, which began here in early August, in the most torrid and ends in November, on certain areas of Etna. Julius Caesar praised Sicilian wine, but to the rest of us […]

The artichoke is the “prince” of Roman cuisine and definitely deserves a special praise this season. many plants, known since ancient times, have spread to a double value, the food and the medicine, as in the case of the artichoke. Beloved variety by Romans are the typical Roman artichokes, named “Cimaroli”, typical ones that come […]